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The museums


The museums 

The museums offer to bestow upon you the skills of the Normans and the Sourdins !

To discover and understand the artisans work that caused Villedieu-les-Poêles to be renamed for several centuries, nothing is more simple! Meet at one of the Villedieu museums where a team of guides will have the pleasure of recounting the thousand and one anecdotes that represent these traditional skills.

A few kilometres from Villedieu, you can equally learn to discern the subtleties of the pottery in the Regional Pottery Museum orlearn about the fauna and flora of the bay of Mont Saint Michel in the Ecomuseum of the bay.

The copper and lace museum

  The Museum of copper pots and pans is located in a courtyard dating from the Middle Ages called Cour du Foyer. It presents typical objects that show the working of copper and the unique pieces that...

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25 rue Général Huard - 50800 VILLEDIEU-LES-POELES-ROUFFIGNY
Phone : +33 02 33 69 33 44

Norman Furniture Museum

  The Norman Furniture Museum presents an exceptional collection of 150 pieces of typical Norman furniture coming from all over the region, made between the 15th and the middle of the 19th century....

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9 rue du Reculé - 50800 Villedieu-les-Poêles
Phone : +33 02 33 69 33 44

Ceramic Museum - Creation Centre

An artisanal village where time appears to stand still. The pottery village in which you'll find buildings from the XVIIIth and XIXth centuries retrace the history of the site. The hamlet presents in...

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Le Placître - 50850 Ger
Phone : +33 02 33 79 35 36

Mont Saint-Michel Bay Ecomuseum

The Mont Saint-Michel Bay Ecomuseum is an interpretive center that allows you to discover how the natural environments of the Bay function, the way humans have been exploiting these spaces for centuries and...

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Route du Grouin du Sud 50300 Vains (Saint-Léonard)
Phone : +33 02 33 89 06 06

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