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MDG Creation metal

11 rue Texier-Hugou 50410 PERCY-EN-NORMANDIE

Phone : 02 33 61 25 47 



MDG Création Métal produces exceptional pieces with noble metal (brass, copper, stainless steel, ...).
We combine local ancestral know-how and innovation with the latest technologies (water jet cutting) to meet the demands of architects and designers in the world of luxury exporting. Our achievements are present in the symbolic places of today and tomorrow as :
- champagne flutes at the Palais des Congrès in Paris,
- the stair railings and mirrored stainless steel guardrail in the central hall on the last "Le Meraviglia"
- the realization of custom patinated brass piece and aluminum canopy for the liner Harmony Of The Sea 
- the creation of brass furniture for the Avenue Montaigne luxury boutiques in Paris and for major fashion designer brands in Paris, luxury Georges V Paris hotels and private apartment throughout the world from Moscow to Dubai and the South Korea.

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