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Hiking in the Bassin of Villedieu to see the unique countryside 

There are no secrets left! - Two hiking maps exist for you and give you the itinerary : "Randonnées en Pays Sourdin" and "Vallées de la Vire et de la Sienne" (Hiking in the Sourdin region) and (Valley of the Vire and of the Sienne). These two documents will become indispensable for your walking trips to cross our territory.

      randonnées Pays Sourdin

Randonnées en Pays Sourdin (Hiking in the Sourdin region)

The hiking guide Hiking in the Sourdin region offers a selection of a dozen walks in this secteur. Available for on foot, on horseback or Mountain biking, small carved out routes and pathways will allow you to discover the charm of yesterdays rustic pastures. You will also find in this document information on the natural and architectural heritage.
The Topoguide (Hiking guide) are free at the Tourist Office. The Hiking Guide is also available by post: payment plus postage by credit card at the Villedieu les Poêles Tourist Office.

Vallées de la Vire et de la Sienne            

Topoguide Vallées de la VireThe hiking guide Valley of the Vire and Valley of the Sienne catalogues six walks, with numerous variations, from 1 to 11 kms. Splendid discoveries are in store for you, from the church of Guislain and its solar setting, to the stele of the American and German cemeteries of Chefresne, going past the magnificent view point suggested of Mont Robin in the Valley of the Vire. The hiking guide is on sale for 2 € at à the Tourist Office. The Hiking Guide is 3,50€ and is also available by post; payment plus postage by credit card at the Villedieu les Poêles Tourist Office.

La Manche, land of hiking

To make you want to prolong your stay in our vicinity and offer an optimal service, you will find in the Villedieu les Poêles Tourist Office a collection of Hiking Guides for the area near to Villedieu or in La Manche. Here are the titles that are available :

Hiking guides in La Manche

Topoguide Manche à pied

"La Manche à Pied", is on sale for 13,30 € at the Tourist Office.
This hiking guide offers around 40 pedestrian routes varying in difficulty, from 10 kms to 45 km, around natural prestigious sites of La Manche.

Tour du Cotentin

"Le Tour du Cotentin", on sale for 14,40 € at the Tourist Office.
Itineraries are suggested between The Mont Saint Michel and Isigny sur Mer, via Granville, Coutances, Cherbourg, Saint Vaast La Hougue, Carentan, ... You can visualise these different hikes on the map.


Hiking guides on the pilgrim walk towards the Mont Saint Michel

Pilgrim itineries : "Les Chemins des Ducs de Normandie", on sale for 15 € at the Tourist Office.
Discover numerous pathway sections of pilgrimage between Caen and the Mont Saint Michel.

Hiking guides of towns close to Villedieu les Poêles

Hiking guides of Brécey, available free from the Tourist Office.

Hiking guides of La Haye Pesnel, available free from the Tourist Office.

Hiking guides of Bréhal, on sale for 4 € from the Tourist Office.
Circuits of Bréhal, of Le Havre de la Vanlée, Muneville-sur-Mer, Le Mesnil-Aubert, Cérences, Le Loreur, Saint Sauveur la Pommeray, Hudimesnil, Chanteloup...

Hiking guides of the "Bocage Virois" (Vire countryside) and of the area of Saint Sever are on sale at 3 € from the Tourist Office.

From sublime and varied landscapes all over the region.

Manche Tourisme values the routes of serious hiking, green lanes, pilgrim ways, circuits and small walks... The department of La Manche is keen on promoting hiking and walking. At your own rhythm, walk along the coast, take the paths and discover the variety of landscapes of West Normandy. Throughout the seasons, amongst friends or with the family, participate in the accompanied and animated strolls. You will find all the practical information on the Manche Tourisme website, the "Comité Départemental du Tourisme".

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